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Intelligent System Combined Request

Intelligent System The management and control center is composed of high-performance industrial computer, printer and parking system management software. The management and control center is responsible for processing the information collected by the import and export equipment, processing the information, controlling the peripheral equipment and processing the information into the requirements Report for use by management. Intelligent System This part of the main use of the interface converter is generally 485 conversion card, TCP / IP hub, fiber converter, parking card card controller and other equipment.

The imported equipment consists of image capture system, Intelligent System intelligent fill light, bargain, parking lot entrance controller, vehicle detector, automatic card issuing system, long distance reader equipment, etc., is mainly responsible for entering the parking lot of internal vehicles for automatic identification, identity Verification and automatic landing barrier; the issuance of foreign vehicles, Intelligent System capture records into the time, vehicle information and automatic landing barrier. The part of the time sometimes need to install the parking lot management system parking display system, and the need to install the parking lot to induce the system!

The export equipment consists of image capture system, intelligent fill light, barrier, parking entrance controller, vehicle detector, remote reading device, temporary meter, etc., Intelligent System is mainly responsible for out of the parking lot of internal vehicles for automatic identification , Authentication and automatic landing barrier; on the external vehicle billing, charges automatically after the landing gate.

When the user enters the parking lot, the entrance controller automatically detects the entry of the vehicle and detects whether the card is valid. If effective, the barrier is open, Intelligent System the vehicle can enter the parking lot, the camera and capture the photos of the vehicle, and stored in the management of computers. When the vehicle leaves the parking lot, the exit control machine automatically detects the arrival of the vehicle and determines the validity of the card. If effective, then the barrier open, and trigger the export camera to capture the vehicle, Intelligent System the vehicle can leave the parking lot.

Temporary card user vehicle into the parking lot, from the entrance control machine to receive a temporary card, the entrance camera to capture the vehicle photos, and stored in the computer, Intelligent System the controller records the vehicle into the time, when connected to the computer. When leaving the parking lot, the entrance control function is detected as a temporary card, prompting the driver must pay, temporary car must be temporary card to pay security, and need to pay a certain fee, the security confirmation before leaving.

1, to determine the location of the barrier and card reader equipment, Intelligent System first of all to ensure that the width of the lane, so that vehicles out of smooth, lane width is generally not less than 3 meters, 4.5 meters for the best

2. Read the card device from the gateway is generally 3.5 meters away, not less than 2.5 meters, mainly to prevent the front of the card may touch the railing.

3. For the underground parking lot, Intelligent System reading equipment should be placed in a relatively horizontal level of the ground, otherwise the vehicle in the downhill parking card will be more trouble.

4. For the underground parking lot, the barrier above the block if you need to use the folding bar gates, barrier height of -1.2 meters is the folding point position.

5. Barrier and card reader equipment placed directly related to the user is easy to use the problem, once the location to determine the pipeline in place, Intelligent System and then change the location will give the construction of a lot of trouble, so for this project Experience is not a lot of engineering staff, the first barrier and reading equipment installed in place, and then simulate the user, Intelligent System together with the staff to see whether the positioning is appropriate, and finally lay the pipeline.

In the parking lot where there is a temporary vehicle access, if the remote card reader is selected and the automatic card issuing machine is selected, the automatic ejecting device is a separate body and is installed in the front of the card reader. Intelligent System The If you choose the ordinary card reader equipment, Intelligent System and also select the automatic card machine, the automatic card machine with the card reader installed in the same device, the site construction do not have to consider this step.

Pipeline laying is relatively simple, before the pipeline laying, the control car park system schematic diagram and pipeline diagram to clarify the signal attributes, Intelligent System signal flow and the power supply of the equipment. Signal lines and power lines to be through the tube, the power line, the different voltage levels, different current levels of the line can not wear the same tube.