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Excavator Bushing Work Effectively

 Excavator maintenance diesel engine in the long-term work failure is unavoidable, the usual solution is to check, ask, listen, see, Excavator Bushing the most effective, the most direct method is through the sound to judge and solve, and through the sound of some of the foresight of the small fault in the bud, to avoid a big fault, which is to check, see, ask for trouble and use to listen to troubleshoot a major advantage. Here are some common breakdowns of diesel engines to illustrate their views. Diesel engine from high speed to low speed, in the upper part of the cylinder can be clearly heard "when, when, when" the impact of the sound of diesel engine is one of the common problems, the reason, the main piston pin in the connecting rod bushing between the gap is too large, Excavator Bushing the machine speed mutation resulting in a lateral dynamic imbalance, resulting in the piston pin in the connecting rod bushing in the rotation of the same time to the left and right swing, so that the piston pin hit the connecting rod bushing and the sound. In order to avoid more trouble and cause unnecessary waste and economic loss, Excavator Bushing the piston pin and connecting rod bushing should be replaced in time to ensure the normal and effective operation of diesel engine.

Diesel engine at low speed (idle) operation, in the valve room can be clearly heard in the "bar, Bar," The metal percussion sound is the valve and rocker arm collision between the resulting, the main reason is the valve clearance is too large. Valve clearance is one of the main technical indexes of diesel engine. Valve clearance is too large or too small, diesel engine can not work properly. Valve clearance is too large, Excavator Bushing resulting in a large displacement between the rocker arm and the valve, contact produced by the impact force is also greater, so the "bar, the bar," The metal percussion sound, the engine after a long time to work this sound is often, so the engine every 300h or so, it should be readjusted valve clearance.

The specific methods are:

(1) Open the valve chamber cover.

(2) Rotate the crankshaft so that the piston is in-cylinder compression on the stop point.

(3) Use rule into the gap between the rocker arm head and the valve, loosen the locking bolts of the rocker arm to two buckle, adjust the screws with a screwdriver, when the rule can move smoothly and the resistance is not very good.

(4) Adjust in order. (5) Continue the disk to six cylinder compression on the stop point, in accordance with the order to adjust the other valve clearance.

The sound is eliminated when the valve clearance is appropriate.

Excavators are not always used as a digging machine, and builders sometimes use them to pile or use them to lay pipes. Therefore, Excavator Bushing the user needs to pay attention to the bucket situation, to ensure that piling, crushing and walking equipment is not a problem.

There is also an important part of the bucket cylinder connected to the pin shaft, bushing, we must check the tightness of these places. Many problems are caused by neglect of maintenance and inspection. When the user moves the machine to move the bucket, Excavator Bushing the bucket and the back arm, he may see the pins or the cylinders moving, but the bucket and bucket are not moving, because the pins and bushes are partially loosened.

Another key point to carefully look at the rear arm and the part of the excavator connection, if the rear arm below the connection wear excessive, may lead to loss of the entire equipment value.