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Excavator Bushing Use And Maintenance

In order to better use the excavator to prevent the occurrence of various failures, Excavator Bushing therefore, in the daily use of the process, Excavator Bushing should pay more attention to the use and maintenance of excavators. Digging machine in general the implementation of a maintenance, two maintenance, Excavator Bushing three maintenance and repair four maintenance system.

Maintenance of the engine lubricants and filter filter; check the track roller, Excavator Bushing trailing wheel, guide wheel wear and tear, damage, as the case of the maintenance of the oil and dirt; Repair the clean oil pre-filter sediment; rotary roll filling grease; check the air conditioning compressor belt tension, if necessary, Excavator Bushing adjust the machine to conduct a comprehensive cleaning work, remove dust and so on.

Cleaning and checking the heat sink, oil cooler heat sink; Excavator Bushing check the pin and bush wear, as the case of repair or replacement; Excavator Bushing check the inspection of the grease Track tensioning device, adjust the cylinder and other filling grease; replace the hydraulic tank ventilation filter; replace the hydraulic oil filter and so on.

Maintenance of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic system and filter; Excavator Bushing check the back of the body gear wear, and cleaning and refueling; check the installation of the Department of various parts of the fastening, deformation, damage, the maintenance of the three parts of the maintenance of all the contents; And check the electrical components, switches, Excavator Bushing lines with or without aging; replace the final transmission box of lubricants; replace the wheel, towline, guide the wheel of oil; clean check or replace the air filter filter; Or adjust the valve clearance (according to the engine instructions); tighten the cylinder head bolts (according to the engine instructions); Excavator Bushing check the turbocharger rotor clearance and clean up the carbon; replace the filter; check the shock absorber and filling lubrication Oil; check the maintenance starter, Excavator Bushing engine and so on.

Special maintenance, including maintenance and maintenance, take the period of maintenance, Excavator Bushing season maintenance and pre-transfer maintenance. Excavator Bushing Parking maintenance refers to the maintenance and storage of machinery, focusing on cleaning, Excavator Bushing anti-corrosion; take the period of maintenance refers to the new machinery or after the repair of machinery according to the provisions of the provisions of the time limit (or km) after the fastening, Cleaning, Excavator Bushing lubrication as the focus of the maintenance, you must replace the oil filter; seasonal maintenance generally in the spring and autumn combined with a normal two insurance; Excavator Bushing transfer before the maintenance is used in a project after the mechanical energy to quickly put into new construction and carried out maintenance.