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Excavator Bushing Technical Data

Digging machine hydraulic oil black generally have two reasons: First, Excavator Bushing because the oil contains metal impurities, and second, because the outside world is poor, there are pollutants into the hydraulic oil.

1. Pump high-speed rotation of the debris, Excavator Bushing such as bearings, volume chamber, such as wear and tear.

2. Hydraulic valve spool back and forth operation, Excavator Bushing the cylinder back and forth the operation of the debris, but not a short period of time this phenomenon.

3. The new machine will produce a lot of iron scrap when the machine is running. Oil change when the oil tank in the hydraulic oil all emptied, with the new oil circulation system, Excavator Bushing the fuel tank with all the cotton wipe clean and then add new oil. If the new machine is not oil change, Excavator Bushing there may be a large number of iron residue in the tank, will lead to new oil pollution and black

The engine is running in the upper part of the cylinder can clearly hear a piston knock on the cylinder of the crisp percussion, is often said that "knocking the cylinder," Excavator Bushing the root cause of this failure is the diesel engine fuel injection advance angle small. As we all know, diesel engine fuel supply advance angle is one of the main technical data of diesel engine, oil supply advance angle is correct or not will directly affect the diesel engine is working properly, and directly affect the engine can provide normal power, Excavator Bushing affecting the whole Mechanical work. In order to make the formation of the mixture and the combustion process can be carried out normally, the diesel engine must have a certain fuel injection advance angle, fuel injection advance angle is too small, Excavator Bushing the air injected into the cylinder to form combustible gas combustion, resulting in combustion instability, The upstream phase produces a lateral offset that collides with the cylinder wall and strikes the cylinder to produce a knock.

Excavator repair diesel engine in the long-term work failure is inevitable things, Excavator Bushing the usual solution is to check, ask, listen, see, one of the most effective and most direct way is to judge and solve the sound through, and can Through the sound to some of the foresight of the small fault destroyed in the bud, Excavator Bushing to avoid the occurrence of a major fault, which is check, see, Excavator Bushing ask to find fault and use to listen to a major advantage of troubleshooting. Here are some common problems of diesel engine to explain their point of view. When the diesel engine suddenly drops from high speed to low speed, Excavator Bushing it is obvious that the " Between the gap is too large, the machine speed mutation caused by a lateral dynamic imbalance, resulting in the piston pin in the connecting rod rotation occurs while swinging to the left and right, Excavator Bushing so that the piston pin hit the rod liner and issued sound. In order to avoid a greater failure, resulting in unnecessary waste and economic losses, Excavator Bushing should be promptly replaced piston pin and connecting rod bushing, so as to ensure the normal operation of the diesel engine.