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Excavator Bushing Replacement Steps

Excavators often work in a variety of construction sites, many parts of the use of a long time to carry out regular maintenance. As the excavator boom for a long time to lift the work, the arm of the pins and bushings will be a certain wear and tear, when the wear and tear is too serious, you need to be replaced. What steps do you need to change?

There must be a lot of users for their own replacement of the bushing, the replacement of this thing can be a technical live, of course, rely on those senior repair workers

First look for four plugs to plug the tubing, according to the model to find the right to use, with the old pipe fittings can be used to plug the welding. Need to open the hose tied up, remember to find things to plug the hole, so as not to enter the dirty things. In the replacement process a lot of attention, the arm should be lifted when one person to observe one person operation, first move the arm, and then with the walk in place to ensure the safety of vehicles and staff.

In the work of the repair of the master of the glass with iron and so on are not afraid of roasted up, the reasons need not say it!

Need to prepare a bucket, because welding and gas cutting will produce high heat and sparks, prepared bucket and other fire tools to prevent accidents.

Gas cutting bushings. The original bushing is copper alloy, tell the truth too bad cut, the master baked with a screwdriver to help get out.

Replace the old bush, and finally retired!

With a hammer to install the bushing, when installed hammer hit deformation, and to be a good installation to smooth.

Which the whole process, mainly divided into three major events, first, welding welding arm main pin; second, the main sales welding welding machine; third, replace the main pin bushing

Then, is to install the lathe processing of the main pin, polished on both sides of the main pin on the use of a day, very time-consuming

Replacement of excavator bushings

1 arm lift is a must be observed, one person slow operation. To ensure the safety of personnel and vehicles.

2 arm raised to prevent the cylinder from the fall caused by accidents, to use sleepers and other items to do preventive measures

3 welding and gas cutting will produce very high heat and spark. Buckets and other fire equipment must be provided to avoid accidents, regret too late.