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Excavator Bushing Provisions For Maintenance

1. Oil, Excavator Bushing oil filter is absolutely necessary to use the original parts, according to the provisions of the maintenance cycle replacement. Old machine should be careful care, Excavator Bushing oil machine filter replacement time can be shortened, so that the engine life longer.

2. Diesel use as far as possible the use of regular gas stations to provide, even if the regular gas station plus diesel, do not directly add to the tank, Excavator Bushing before adding the first filter (the more commonly used method is in the oil seal sets of socks).

3. Start the day before the start of the diesel fuel tank and water separator. Diesel filter to buy the factory is, according to the provisions of the maintenance cycle to replace the diesel filter. Excavator Bushing To clarify that the factory filter filter paper is fine, impurity blocking large, so easier to plug, Excavator Bushing than the deputy filter replacement cycle is short, so it is not a long time does not block the filter is a good filter.

4. Air filter often check the outer filter ash for a long time with compressed air blowing from the inside out, the pressure can not be too large to prevent the filter blown. Excavator Bushing Internal filter can not be used to clean the way. Outside the filter clean 2,3 times with the internal filter at the same time replace the new.

5. Can not use fuel for long-term use of idle work to prevent carbon deposition.

6. Every day to check the tank water pump to prevent water leakage phenomenon, Excavator Bushing so as not to cause the engine high temperature or red cylinder.

1. According to the provisions of the maintenance cycle to replace the hydraulic oil, oil return filter, the pilot filter, and pay attention to the filter is not adsorbed iron, copper. Excavator Bushing When the crusher is used, the deterioration of the hydraulic oil deteriorates and the replacement cycle should be shortened.

2. Can not work long-term lack of oil. After replacing the hydraulic oil or hydraulic parts, pay attention to the discharge of air. Pay attention to water, Excavator Bushing do not involve deep water operations, do not clean the water directly when the electrical parts.

3. Rotary reducer, walking gear unit to replace the gear oil cycle.

4. Pin part of the attention to clean up the dirt debris, add butter. Check the pin bolts on a daily basis for loose, shedding, missing, and tightening in time.

5. Check the structure every day without cracking, deformation. Parked excavator attention to the surrounding environment, parked in a solid and stable hard ground, Excavator Bushing do not stop at the river, the cliff, under the hillside, to prevent accident insurance.

6. When the bucket cylinder fully retracted, bucket landing, to prevent the cylinder was hit.

1. Attention to water, do not involve deep water operations, do not clean the water directly when washing electrical parts.

2. Do not stack debris in the battery box, Excavator Bushing especially metal tools, etc., easily lead to fire.

3. Do not use wire copper wire instead of insurance, do not use substandard insurance replacement.

4. Excavator long-term parking to remove the battery line to prevent the feed.

5. Meter, computer board, fuse box, sensor, Excavator Bushing solenoid valve and bus part to prevent rain.