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Excavator Bushing Phenomenon

Digging machine hydraulic oil black generally have two reasons: First, Excavator Bushing because the oil contains metal impurities, and second, because the outside world is poor, there are pollutants into the hydraulic oil.

1. Pump high-speed rotation of the debris, Excavator Bushing such as bearings, volume chamber, such as wear and tear

2. hydraulic valve spool back and forth operation, Excavator Bushing the cylinder back and forth to run the debris, but not a short period of time this phenomenon

3. The new machine will produce a lot of iron scrap when the machine is running. Excavator Bushing Oil change when the oil tank in the hydraulic oil all emptied, Excavator Bushing with the new oil circulation system, the fuel tank with all the cotton wipe clean and then add new oil. Excavator Bushing If the new machine is not oil change, there may be a lot of iron scrap in the tank, will lead to new oil pollution and black.

1. Oil, oil filter is absolutely necessary to use the factory, Excavator Bushing according to the provisions of the maintenance cycle replacement. Old machine need to be careful care, Excavator Bushing oil filter replacement time can be shortened, so that the engine life longer.

2. Diesel use as far as possible the use of regular gas stations to provide, Excavator Bushing even if the regular gas station plus diesel, do not directly add to the tank, Excavator Bushing before adding the first filter (the more commonly used method is in the oil socks socks).

3. Start the day before the start of the diesel fuel tank and water separator. Excavator Bushing Diesel filter to buy is the factory, according to the provisions of the maintenance cycle to replace the diesel filter. To clarify that the factory filter filter paper fine, impurity blocking large, so easier to plug, Excavator Bushing than the deputy factory filter replacement cycle is short, so it is not a long time do not block the filter is a good filter.

4. Air filter often check the outer filter ash for a long time with compressed air blowing from the inside out, the pressure can not be too large to prevent the filter blown. Excavator Bushing Internal filter can not be used to clean the way. Outside the filter cleaning 2,3 times with the filter at the same time replace the new.

5. Can not be used for long-term use of fuel-efficient idling work to prevent carbon deposition.

6. Every day to check the tank water pump to prevent water leakage phenomenon, Excavator Bushing so as not to cause the engine high temperature or red cylinder.

1. Most likely to be the high-speed rotation of the pump produced by the debris, on the pump and all the components you have to take into account, such as bearing, Excavator Bushing volume chamber wear;

2. hydraulic valve spool back and forth operation, the cylinder back and forth the operation of the debris, but this is not a short time this phenomenon;

3. Because it is a new machine, when the equipment will run a lot of iron, Excavator Bushing I do not know when you change the oil tank when the hydraulic oil all empty, Excavator Bushing and with the new oil circulation cycle system, the tank all wipe clean with cotton Plus new oil, if not, there may be a large number of iron residue in the tank, will lead to new oil pollution and black;

When filling the butter, you need to lift the hammer, steel brazing pressure into the piston inside, each time you raise the standard only filling the gun gun can be half gun. Excavator Bushing (Because if the butter is not filled with butter, then the filling of butter in the steel pot on the upper limit, the work of the drill when the butter will jump directly to the main oil seal hammer, with the The piston of the reciprocating movement of butter into the hammer in the cylinder, and then with the broken hammer in the cylinder of hydraulic oil mixed into the excavator hydraulic system, Excavator Bushing is the hydraulic oil deterioration, black)