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Excavator Bushing Maintenance Cycle Replacement

The use of excavators in the process of the need for the idea is based on different construction site soil differences. To adjust the track tensioning, Excavator Bushing this can prolong the life of the excavator crawler.

In the gravel-strewn construction site practice: The track is also better to slightly loosen some of the benefits: when walking on the Pebble, Excavator Bushing can avoid the track plate bending.

Soft soil When the practice: the track to be adjusted slightly loose some benefits: track and rail links easy to attach to the soil, to prevent the adhesion of the soil caused by the abnormal pressure on the rail chain section.

Rugged and flat ground approach: It's best to make the track slightly tighter. Benefits: When the loose track droop too large, may appear with the rack contact and damage the rack phenomenon.

If the track is too tight, Excavator Bushing there will be the phenomenon of walking speed and driving force decline. This will not only lead to the decline in operational efficiency, but also due to excessive friction on pins and bushings causing abnormal wear.

The crawler is loosely mounted on the driving wheel and the idler sprocket, resulting in greater wear or damage. Moreover, when the loose crawler is too large, Excavator Bushing it may appear to contact with the rack and damage the rack. In this way, even if the lower walking body is strengthened, if the correct adjustment is not carried out, Excavator Bushing it will also lead to unexpected failure.

1. Oil, oil filter absolutely must use the factory pieces, according to the provisions of the maintenance cycle replacement. The old machine need to care more carefully, Excavator Bushing oil machine filter replacement time can be shortened as appropriate, so that the engine life longer.

2. Diesel oil as far as possible to use regular gas stations to provide, even if the regular gas stations add diesel, do not directly add fuel tanks, before adding filter (more commonly used method is in the refueling mouth set socks).

3. Drain water at the bottom of diesel oil and oil-water separator before commencement of daily. Diesel filter to buy the factory pieces, Excavator Bushing according to the maintenance cycle to replace the diesel filter. Clarify a point, the factory filters filter paper fine, the amount of impurities interception is large, Excavator Bushing so more easily blocked, than the replacement of the auxiliary filter cycle short, so not a long-term plugging filter is a good filter

4. The air filter is often checked, Excavator Bushing the outer filter is used to blow the air from the inside out, the pressure cannot be too big to prevent the filter from blowing. Internal filtration cannot be cleaned in a blown manner. The external filtration clean 2, 3 times and the internal filtration and replace the new.

5. It is not necessary to use idle work for fuel saving to prevent carbon deposition.

6. Every day to check the water tank pump, to prevent water leakage phenomenon, so as not to cause the engine high temperature or punching cylinder