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Excavator Bushing Maintenance And Repair

Black digging machine hydraulic oil generally has two reasons: First, because the oil contains metallic impurities, and second, because of the poor external environment, Excavator Bushing contaminants into the hydraulic oil.

1. Wear debris generated by high-speed pump rotation, Excavator Bushing such as bearings, volume chamber wear.

2. Hydraulic valve spool back and forth, the cylinder back and forth generated debris, but this phenomenon will not happen in a short time.

3. The new machine will produce a lot of iron filings when the machine is running in. Change the oil tank when all the hydraulic oil emptied, with a new oil circulation system, the tank with a wipe clean all cotton plus new oil. If the new machine is not oil change, there may be a lot of iron residue in the tank, can also cause the new oil is polluted and black.

Hydraulic oil if meet the cleanliness requirements, it may be caused by high temperature. Can change the quality of hydraulic oil, check back to the oil filter, cooling oil, the focus is the hydraulic oil radiator, usually in accordance with the provisions of maintenance

1. Oil, oil filter must use positive parts, Excavator Bushing according to the provisions of the maintenance cycle replacement.

2. Diesel try to use the regular gas stations provided, it is best to filter before joining.

3. Start daily at the bottom of the diesel tank and water separator water.

4. Check the air filter frequently.

5. Not for long-term use of fuel-efficient idle work to prevent carbon deposition.

6. Every day to check the water tank pump to prevent water leakage phenomenon, so as not to cause the engine to heat or red cylinder.

1. Periodic maintenance Check four wheel area means that the drive wheel, Excavator Bushing guide wheel, roller, pulley and track and soil cleaning.

2. Pin shaft pay attention to clean up debris, add butter. Wading operations, Excavator Bushing water diffuse back ring gear, pay attention to replace the rotary ring gear butter.

3. Note cylinder rod rust.

4. Excavator long-term parked bare metal part smear butter rust.