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Excavator Bushing Maintenance And Repair

Leading to excavator hydraulic system black oil is not only caused by dust, but also due to filling the butter is not standardized caused.

For example, when the spacing between the bushing and the drill is more than 8 mm (the little thumb can be inserted), it is advisable to change the bushing with an average of 2 bushings per replacement.

In the replacement tubing, steel pipe, Excavator Bushing oil return filter and other hydraulic accessories, the need for the interface of the dust or debris clean up before they can be replaced.

When filling the butter, you need to lift the hammer, steel brazing pressure into the piston inside, each time you raise the standard only filling the gun gun can be half gun. (Because if the butter is not filled with butter, then the filling of butter in the steel pot on the upper limit, Excavator Bushing the work of the drill when the butter will jump directly to the main oil seal hammer, with the The piston of the reciprocating movement of butter into the hammer in the cylinder, and then with the broken hammer in the cylinder of hydraulic oil mixed into the excavator hydraulic system, is the hydraulic oil deterioration, black)

1. Correct use of butter posture.

2. Install the return oil filter unit.

3. Install the sprinkler to reduce external dust.

4. Upper and lower bushings wear too large, timely replacement of bushings.

5. The intake check valve is bad or clogged and the check valve is checked regularly.

6. Timely replacement of dust seal.

7. Use a broken hammer correctly (do not always hit it off).

8. Note that the size of the brazing matches the bushing.

1. Most likely to be the high-speed rotation of the pump produced by the debris, on the pump and all the components you have to take into account, such as bearing, volume chamber wear;

   2. hydraulic valve spool back and forth operation, the cylinder back and forth the operation of the debris, but this is not a short time this phenomenon;

   3. Because it is a new machine, when the equipment will run a lot of iron, I do not know when you change the oil tank when the hydraulic oil all empty, and with the new oil circulation cycle system, the tank all wipe clean with cotton Plus new oil, if not, there may be a large number of iron residue in the tank, will lead to new oil pollution and black;

You should check whether your hydraulic system is closed, Excavator Bushing the breathing hole is intact; check the equipment part of the hydraulic parts exposed to see if the seal is intact, such as the cylinder of the dust ring;

   1. For the hydraulic oil when not clean;

   2. The oil seal is aging;

   3. Excavator work environment caused by poor filter block;

   4. The hydraulic pump has a lot of air bubbles into the air;

   5. Hydraulic fuel tank is connected with the air, the air dust, impurities will be used for a long time into the tank, the oil must be dirty;

   6. Oil to do particle size test in line with the cleanliness requirements can be ruled out is dust pollution. Can be sure that the high temperature of the hydraulic oil caused by! You can use high-quality hydraulic oil, check the return oil filter, cooling oil, the focus is the hydraulic oil radiator! Usually in accordance with the provisions of maintenance!