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Excavator Bushing Disassembly Device

A method for manufacturing a disassembling device for a bushing in an excavator working device

In the course of the work, the bushings on the working device support the friction between the shaft and the shaft, resulting in the gradual increase of the working gap, which causes the failure to be prolonged for a long time. In the past the process of demolition of the bushing, the first flame with a large number of inner wall heating, according to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, in the process of its cooling through the tool to force it out. As the bushing and work device support is interference fit, this method is time consuming and laborious, especially in areas such as remote and mine away from the maintenance site, the operation is more inconvenient, reducing the efficiency of the excavator.

The invention provides a disassembling device for a bushing in a working device of an excavator, which has the advantages of simple structure and convenient operation, and further improves the efficiency of the excavator. In order to achieve the above object, the technical scheme adopted in the utility model is a disassembling device for a bushing in a working device of an excavator, comprising a locking nut, a bobbin nut, a pawl, a spring, a preload nut, Cylindrical platens, bearings, fastening nuts and joysticks, baffle round nuts are engraved with threads, with four beveled grooves on the outer wall, with threads on the front of the outer wall, small pawls and baffles, Mouth with the large end of the match with the bushing, spring and baffle round nut outer wall of the front of the thread with the right end with the preload nut with the screw through the baffle round nut hole, the middle engraved with the baffle round nut Hole with the thread, both ends of the staircase shaft, the left side engraved with the thread, with the lock nut thread, the right side engraved with the thread, with the fastening nut with the right end of the tail set with the joystick with six prism, Between the cylinder and the screw, the outer ring and the cylinder plate with the hole thread, the inner ring and the right end of the screw thread with the fastening nut fixed, the handle is set in the right end of the screw, through the hexagonal prism fixed. When the bush is used in the working device, the one end of the baffle circular nut is inserted into the working device bushing, the pawl is retracted, the large end face of the pawl passes through the bushing, and after the spring pressure To restore the original state, through the handle to drive the screw rotation, screw rotation to promote the baffle round nut and pawl movement along the direction of the screw shaft, pawl movement on the bushing pressure, the bushing slowly out of the work device support Hole, simple structure, easy to carry, save the operating time, and further improve the efficiency of the excavator.