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Engine Spare Parts Traditional Crafts

The engine is the "heart" of the vehicle. The development of the automobile is directly related to the progress of the engine. The engine mainly consists of 5 key components, Engine Spare Parts including the cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, camshaft and connecting rod. Therefore, The processing of automotive engine manufacturing become the key.

(1) big hole processing. The traditional process is generally cut off after the big hole for broaching, or cut it before cutting it into an oval, because it is intermittent processing, Engine Spare Parts vibration, fast tool wear, tool consumption. The upside down process will be processed into a round hole.

(2) link body, cover separation. The traditional process using pull off (or milling, sawing) method, and up the process is broken up after the bolt hole processing. Engine Spare Parts After using up-breaking technology, the connecting rod and connecting rod cover completely mesh with the separating surface, which improves the connection quality of connecting rod cover and connecting rod separating surface, Engine Spare Parts so the separating surface does not need to broach and grind. As the separation surface is fully engaged, the connecting rod and connecting rod cover assembly, it does not require additional precision positioning, such as bolt hole positioning (or positioning ring hole), as long as two bolts can be tightened, thus eliminating the need for bolt holes Finishing.

(3) the processing of the surface. The traditional process is to grind the joint surface even after the fracture is broken, and the assembly position of the connecting rod body / cover is positioned by the positioning hole in the two bolt holes and the positioning part of the bolt, Engine Spare Parts so the perpendicularity of the bolt hole to the separation surface And two bolt hole center distance size has strict requirements. The dimensional error leads to the residual stress remaining on the connecting rod assembly after the connecting rod and connecting rod cover are assembled.

(4) bolt hole processing. The assembly positioning of the connecting rod body / cover in the up-cutting process is based on the rising section, and the assembly positioning of the connecting rod body / cover in the traditional process plus the positioning of the bolt in the two bolt holes cooperates with the positioning part of the bolt To locate, so the accuracy of the bolt holes and bolts are high. The use of upside down process of connecting rod, Engine Spare Parts the accuracy requirements greatly reduced, Engine Spare Parts the two bolt holes can not be processed at the same time, so as to create a variety of convenient conditions for processing. Connecting rod big hole upside down process, their separation is the most complete meshing, so there is no separation and bolt hole machining errors and other effects.

(5) bolt assembly. Bolts are fed,Engine Spare Parts installed, and mounted on rack-mounted brackets and hydraulically-driven vertical slides through bolt feeders with vibrating feeders, separators, and feeders with conduits and gas nipples. BOSCH tightening machine pre-tightening, when tightened to a certain set torque, Engine Spare Parts through the device with a wait to loosen the bolt, clean the joint surface, and finally tighten the bolt to the request.