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Engine Spare Parts The Principle

Pump is also called the air pump, inflatable pump, Engine Spare Parts pump running through the motor to work the motor running, Engine Spare Parts pumping, the valve connected to the atmosphere by the atmospheric pressure, the gas into the pump, and to the tire to cheer, the valve was The air pressure in the cylinder closes and the gas enters the tire.

Can be considered the use of the principle of atmospheric pressure with the car, the ball, rubber boat inflatable.

It is the working principle is what, Engine Spare Parts the following for everyone to introduce:

It is through the operation of the motor to work, is an inflatable tool. Inflatable pump works: the motor running, pumping, the connector of the valve was the atmosphere of the pressure to open, the gas into the cylinder, and to the tire to cheer, the valve was inside the cylinder

Car electric inflatable pump pressure is closed, Engine Spare Parts the gas into the tire. Inflatable pump can also be used to the principle of atmospheric pressure to inflatable. Inflatable pump applications: cars, magic cars, bicycles, leather, rubber boats and so on.

Different types of pumps have different uses, different transport liquid medium, different flow, different head range, therefore, its structure is of course not the same, Engine Spare Parts the material is different, summed up, can be divided into: 1, urban water supply 2, sewage system 3, civil engineering system 4, agricultural water system 5, power station system 6, chemical system 7, oil industry system 8, mine metallurgical system 9, light industry system 10, ship system

Maintenance contents and methods:

1, every 50,000 km from the engine to remove the mixer assembly, check the mixer inside the obvious pollution, if any, you need to put the mixer into the gasoline soak cleaning, Engine Spare Parts cleaning with dry compressed air dry;

2, after cleaning, check the cross hair on the gas hole is blocked, if necessary to replace the mixer assembly; electronic throttle

Maintenance contents and methods:

1, every 5-8 million km from the engine to remove the throttle, Engine Spare Parts check the throttle inside the obvious pollution, if any, you need to use gasoline cleaning throttle valve parts, but the electronic control part may not soak gasoline, after cleaning Dry with dry compressed air;

2, after cleaning, press the butterfly valve by hand, check the butterfly valve movement with or without stuck, whether to return, if there is stuck, you need to replace the throttle.

Fuel metering valve maintenance content and methods:

Every 6 months or 50,000 km, according to Weichai gas engine nozzle cleaning specifications cleaning fuel metering valve;

Ignition coil maintenance:

1, the use of the engine in the process, Engine Spare Parts absolutely not allowed to directly flush the engine with water, especially the ignition coil parts;

2, every 6 months or 50,000 km to clean the ignition coil between the terminal and the high voltage line between the oxide;

3, every 6 months to check the ignition coil plastic sleeve is aging cracking, if cracking, please promptly replaced.