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Engine Spare Parts Structure And Maintenance

Removed parts, especially the engine decomposition, must be cleaned in accordance with the order of disassembly, placed in clean dishes or other places, must be clean, Engine Spare Parts in order to assemble the accurate and rapid installation.

For easy rusty screws or engine surface should be in time derusting rust coated lubricant to prevent rust, the disassembly of the parts need to be deposited for a long time should be coated with a small amount of grease sealed packaging to prevent rust corrosion.

All parts should be cleaned before the engine starts to assemble. Engine Spare Parts All kinds of repaired parts should be inspected according to technical requirements before they can be assembled

The valve unit and the valve Drive group are composed of two parts, this paper introduces the structure and maintenance of the valve group.

The valve group consists of valve, valve seat, valve spring, Engine Spare Parts valve spring seat, gas door lock clamp, valve duct, valve oil seal and other parts, see fig. 1. The function of the valve group is to ensure that the valve is quickly opened, closed and sealed with the cylinder.

Many aircraft intake door head diameter is larger than the exhaust door head, Engine Spare Parts mainly to increase the amount of gas, thereby improving the combustion efficiency and output power of the cylinder.

On conventional engines, each cylinder is 1 air intakes and an exhaust valve. However, in order to improve air intake and exhaust efficiency, the current trend is the use of multiple-valve technology. The advantages of setting multiple valves per cylinder are: forming compact combustion chamber, Engine Spare Parts injector arrangement Central, so that the combustible mixture can burn more quickly and evenly, and the weight and opening of each valve will be reduced properly, which is helpful to increase the speed of valve opening and closing.

At present, the number of valves are 2, 3, 4, 54 types. 4 valve structure of inertia is relatively small, more flexible movement, open or close the angle is more accurate, Engine Spare Parts so 4 valve applications more and more widely.

The valve duct is made of gray iron, Engine Spare Parts ductile iron or iron base powder metallurgy. The valve catheter is pressed into the valve seat hole of the cylinder cap with a certain interference, and then the inner hole of the valve tube is refined to ensure the proper clearance between the valve pipe and the valve stem. The function of the valve catheter is to guide the movement of the valve, make the valve reciprocating linear movement, Engine Spare Parts and ensure the valve and valve seat correctly fit. In addition, Engine Spare Parts the valve catheter can also be part of the valve rod heat transfer to the cylinder head.

The lubrication condition of the valve tube is very poor, and it only relies on the engine oil to lubricate the valve stem and the inner hole of the valve tube.