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Engine Spare Parts Split Cylinder Liner

What are the problems when using the car liner? The cylinder liner is short for engine cylinder liner, which is inserted into the cylinder barrel of the cylinder, which is combined with the piston and cylinder cover to form the combustion chamber. The cylinder liner is divided into two kinds: dry cylinder and wet cylinder. Before the cylinder liner is not installed, the cylinder liner should be put into the body seat for testing, so that the cylinder liner can rotate gently inside the body seat, without obvious shaking.

The plane of the cylinder liner shall be raised from the planar o. 04 to O.14 mm, and should be made of copper cushion. The copper cushion is on the top of the body socket. The cylinder liner of the car is large enough to repair the end of the cylinder liner. The height difference of the cylinder liner of the multi-cylinder engine is not greater than o. 056 mm. The cylinder cover is small, the cylinder cover is not tight, easy to leak, water leakage; The bulge is too large and the cylinder head is easy to be pressed. When the cylinder bulge is out of line, it is easy for the cylinder cover and body warping deformation.

The installation of cylinder liner is low for staff. Because it is simple and easy to install and maintain, it is not high for staff. But the installation is also specific, to share in detail:

A, automobile cylinder liner factory personnel said before the installation, should the car cylinder liner support ring carefully cleaned up and down, found to have burrs, sharp corners and scraping the hand phenomenon, application file file after, reoccupy cloth smooth. Then used inventory check auto cylinder liner inner diameter size and roundness and cylindricity is conform to the requirements, should pay special attention to check the body of the old airframe cylinder sleeve hole size and roundness and cylindricity is conform to requirements.

2. Before the cylinder liner is not equipped with water resistance, it should be placed in the fitting of the body seat, so that the cylinder sleeve can rotate gently inside the body seat. No obvious shaking is appropriate. The flat surface of the cylinder shall protrude the plane of the body o. 04mm-O. 14mm, and should be made of copper cushion when insufficient. The copper cushion is on the top of the body socket.

3. Before installing the water resistance ring, carefully check the quality of the water resistance ring and trim the edges.

Have you ever experienced a cylinder liner? Let's take a look at this phenomenon in detail. :

The mechanism of the cylinder liner scuffing damage basic for sliding parts of lubricating oil film, all local damage the surface of relative movement between two prominent position at this time first metal contact occurs, then the local appear tiny "burning-out" phenomenon, and burning-out part because components of relative motion and torn. In this process the metal surface becomes hardened, and when the hardened layer is damaged, the resulting metal abrasive particles will become a material for the surface abrasion. In the short time of the so-called "burning and wear", the uneven grinding mark of the center line of the piston and cylinder is parallel to the center of the cylinder, which is the cylinder liner phenomenon. When severe, the sliding part is completely stuck or stuck or it may even crack in the weak part of the two surfaces, which can cause damage to the machine. Therefore, the root cause of the cylinder is burning and wear.

The dismantling cylinder liner can be carried out from the above four steps

1, dry cylinder liner with wet cylinder liner of differences, outside is that it does not directly contact with cooling water, the cylinder liner is not set before cylinder liner, multiple sharp repaired, need to be set with cylinder liner, should guarantee the cylinder liner and cylinder hole. 0.03 to 0.08 mm in excess.

2. There is a hole in the end of the cylinder liner of some diesel engines, and the gap should be pointed at the direction of the swing of the connecting rod.

3. When installing the new cylinder liner, the cylinder head shall be guaranteed to be 0.04 to 0.20mm above the head of the cylinder block, and the model will be slightly different from the higher value of the cylinder, and the protruding height of the surrounding direction should be the same.

4. Check the wall thickness of the cylinder liner, and install the thicker side of the cylinder wall in the swing direction of the connecting rod.