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Engine Spare Parts Overheating Problems

How to deal with the problem of engine overheating

If the overheating of the engine parts is likely to damage the engine, we must find a good way to deal with the use of overheating of the engine parts, which is conducive to the sustainable use of engine parts, it will not affect the work of the engine. So what's the good way?

A look, found that the engine parts temperature is too high or the temperature indicator light shines constantly, to stop the inspection, see the water tank cooling water is normal, water tanks, water pipes and the joints with or without leakage phenomenon. If the inspection by the appearance were not found abnormal, you can make up the cooling water and then continue to travel. If you drive a distance, still found the temperature is too high, parking inspection and found a lot of cooling water reduction, which is mostly due to the cylinder block water trap or perforation and loss. Found this fault, should be repaired, not to be taken lightly.

Two touch, the engine temperature is too high, you can hand to touch the water pipe and underwater tube to determine the temperature of the fault. If the temperature difference between the two water pipes can be judged as the thermostat does not work. On the way if the moment can not buy accessories, can be removed thermostat emergency, to be immediately after the replacement unit.

Three put, if the cooling system in the air, will form air resistance, so that poor cooling water circulation, resulting in engine temperature is too high. Can be used to deflate the following: let the engine run at high speed, gently remove the tank cover to just gas release, then there will be part of the cooling water with the gas out, so many times, until the gas is finished until the end. After troubleshooting, should be timely replenishment of cooling water.

Four red, long time to use the construction machinery, there will be some dirt attached to the radiator, over time, will affect the cooling effect, resulting in water temperature is too high. You can first use compressed air blowing radiator grille, and then rinse with water pipes.

Advantages of automotive cylinder liner

The production of each product has its own outstanding features and advantages, for today introduced the car cylinder is no exception, in order to further promote the user to its understanding, we highlight the advantages of the following:

1, the user's request is low. Car cylinder liner principle and structure is simple, easy to install and maintain, for the user's request is not high. The cylinder is different, the engineering staff must have a certain degree of electrical knowledge, or most likely because of misuse and make it damaged.

2, the output force. The output force of the cylinder liner is proportional to the square of the bore. The output of the cylinder is related to three factors. The bore, the power of the motor and the pitch of the screw, the greater the bore and the power, the smaller the pitch The A cylinder with a bore of 50 mm, the theoretical output force up to 2000N, for the same bore cylinder, although the different companies have different products, but basically no more than 1000N. Obviously, the output force in the cylinder more advantages.

3, strong adaptability. Automotive cylinder can work in high temperature and low temperature environment and has a dust, water resistance, can adapt to a variety of harsh environments. The cylinder because of a large number of electrical components of the reason, the higher the requirements of the environment, poor adaptability.