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Engine Spare Parts Of The Maintenance

Valve and valve seat matching grinding For the valve and valve seat maintenance, the traditional method is: the valve grinding by the light mill, Engine Spare Parts the valve seat reamer reamer, and then grinding, grinding valve on the hole in the reciprocating and rotating Movement, and have a certain impact, and the rotation angle of not more than 30 °. Grinding with coarse grinding, and then fine grinding, Engine Spare Parts and then use the oil to do the media grinding, and finally light research for a while. The final sealing test is also very strict, and there are a variety of methods: gasoline leak test, compressed air, light leakage method and broken method and so on.

This complex repair process is nothing more than in the valve face to get a good seal ring, to ensure that the inlet and exhaust valve good sealing. Although the process is so complicated, but the effect of how? Some people have done such a test: the carefully after grinding the valve loaded operation, Engine Spare Parts after a few hours to remove the observation found that the previously carefully received bright seal ring has long disappeared, and the contact surface widened, and a small flute The While the other engine of the valve is only after a serious grinding and the hole through the hinge does not take the paired after the interchange process and direct installed operation. And then the car in the operation after a few hours to find the work with a normal ring, and no pitting. So that the effect of both before and after the latter is better than the former. The latter not only save time and effort, Engine Spare Parts but also on the valve rod and valve life of the valve will be useful.

Because a lot of work like a grinding valve is to let the apprentice to do, they may not pay attention to the method, it is easy to make grinding sand into the valve duct, the valve in the upper and lower movement with the contact surface caused by excessive gap, resulting in oil channeling. In fact, Engine Spare Parts grinding the valve is only a remedy of the maintenance method, it is in the modern car repair work is not desirable. If the valve face is not very wide, and only a small part of the pitting and no need to carry out the case of grinding can take the grinding method as a contingency treatment. If the minimum thickness of the valve head to meet the technical requirements and the head and the head are not deformed, only the need for light grinding valve and hinge valve directly after the gasoline leak test, if only a slight leakage , Can be loaded to run. Engine Spare Parts Their mating surface by their own slap for several hours will be restored to the desired performance, to achieve the required cylinder pressure.

The sign of the valve is the traditional maintenance method is to remove the valve in every valve are playing a good mark, so that when the sign seat. In fact this method does not make sense. The head of the valve is standard, and as long as the thickness meets the requirements, the life of the valve has no effect. Engine Spare Parts In other words, if a cylinder of the valve and seat wear serious, then the cylinder of the valve and the valve seat must wear serious, also caused the valve subsidence than other tanks powerful. If the assembly is still in accordance with the original condemnation, is bound to cause the cylinder of the combustion chamber volume range. Engine Spare Parts If the wear and tear to make up each other with the weight of the assembly, the effect is the cylinder combustion chamber volume close to the compression ratio is also similar to the engine work stability

The bearing fastening bolts should have proper preload. Tightening torque will cause the bearing steel back loose; tightening torque is too large, close to the yield limit of the bolt material, Engine Spare Parts the bearing load when the bolt may be deformed and elongated, Engine Spare Parts and even cause fracture. So be sure to operate according to the specified torque. Many modern technicians are basically able to operate according to the new repair process, which saves time and guarantees the quality of repair. Advise those who learn from the traditional master to repair the workers also to analyze the specific how to face the maintenance of modern engines. Engine Spare Parts Do not blindly pursue the practice of the master,Engine Spare Parts repair to meet the actual situation and modern technical requirements.