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Engine Spare Parts Installation

Remove the parts, Engine Spare Parts especially when the engine is broken down, be sure to clean it in the order of disassembly, placed on a clean plate or elsewhere, Engine Spare Parts and must be clean so that it can be installed accurately and quickly during assembly.

For easy rusty screws or the surface of the engine should be timely rust coated with lubricating oil to prevent rust on the demolition of the parts need to be stored for a long time should be coated with a small amount of grease sealed packaging to prevent rust corrosion.

Before the engine begins to be assembled, Engine Spare Parts all parts should be clean. A variety of repaired parts should be checked in accordance with technical requirements before they can be assembled.

When installing the crankcase and the bearing, Engine Spare Parts the heater should be used to heat the crankcase bearing hole around it.

All parts should be properly lubricated before they are fitted with appropriate lubricants.

All kinds of clashers, retaining rings and sealing aprons on the engine should be inspected before assembly, Engine Spare Parts and if there is a defect or deformation, Engine Spare Parts the elasticity will be changed.

It is forbidden to use metal tools such as hammers for the processing of surfaces and fittings.

For the need to apply a sealant to the surface of the sealant, Engine Spare Parts it should be used to wash the alcohol wash, can not have sealant and lubricants remain on top.

Conditions can be in each fastener screws coated with coagulation glue to prevent the screw loose.

After the sports parts installed to carry out the drive inspection, Engine Spare Parts has confirmed the assembly is appropriate.

The rapid development of the industry, Engine Spare Parts the automobile manufacturing process has been strengthened, the modern automobile engine in terms of material or in the structure have greatly improved, Engine Spare Parts for the maintenance of the engine part of the machinery, Engine Spare Parts many of our vehicle maintenance companies are still using the 20th century 70 Chronological workshop repair process, and therefore to varying degrees affect the performance of the engine.

Valve and valve seat matching grinding For the valve and valve seat maintenance, the traditional method is: the valve grinding by the light mill, Engine Spare Parts the valve seat reamer reamer, and then grinding, Engine Spare Parts grinding valve on the hole in the reciprocating and rotating Movement, and have a certain impact, and the rotation angle of not more than 30 °. Grinding with coarse grinding, Engine Spare Parts and then fine grinding, and then use the oil to do the media grinding, and finally light research for a while. Engine Spare Parts The final sealing test is also very strict, Engine Spare Parts and there are a variety of methods: gasoline leak test, compressed air, Engine Spare Parts light leakage method and broken method and so on.