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Engine Spare Parts Breakthrough Progress

The engine is the vehicle's "heart", Engine Spare Parts the automobile development and the engine progress has the direct relations, the engine mainly by 5 big key components, including the cylinder body, the cylinder head, the crankshaft, the camshaft, the connecting rod and so on, Engine Spare Parts therefore these core parts processing becomes the automobile engine manufacture key.

The cylinder body and the cylinder head are the core parts of the engine, and they are the items that almost all the engine manufacturers must choose. At present, the main trend of machining development of cylinder body, Engine Spare Parts cylinder head and other box parts is that the flexible production line, Engine Spare Parts which is composed of CNC machine tool and machining center, replaces the rigid production line based on the combination machine gradually. In order to meet the needs of mass production, a flexible manufacturing unit (FMC) and multiple machining centers (FMS) are developed to meet the needs of different varieties and batches of manufacturing. With the popularization of CNC control system and the development of new tool materials, the high-speed modular machining center has made breakthrough progress in the 90 's, and the flexible processing system composed of high-speed machining center has been widely used in actual production.

Cylinder is the total bearing of all parts, cylinder body structure in common is an approximate hexahedral box-type structure, thin-walled, machining surface, more holes, Engine Spare Parts is a typical box parts, mainly processing has cylinder hole, main bearing hole, camshaft hole, etc. there are many kinds of holes, such as lubricating oil road, cooling water road, installation screw hole and so on, Engine Spare Parts there are many kinds of coupling, sealing with convex table and facet, their machining precision directly affects the assembly precision and working performance of the engine, meanwhile, in order to improve the stiffness and strength of the body, there are many

Cylinder hole Processing: the use of coarse boring, Engine Spare Parts half fine boring and precision boring, honing mode processing. The main bearing hole processing: The general use of roughing semicircle hole, and then with the camshaft hole combination finishing. Camshaft Hole Processing: general use of coarse boring, Engine Spare Parts and then with the main bearing hole combination finishing. TAPPET Hole Processing: The general use of drilling, expansion (boring) and reaming machining methods. The main oil channel hole processing: the traditional processing method uses the twist drill to carry on the grading feed way processing, its processing quality is poor, Engine Spare Parts the production efficiency is low, the current craft often uses the gun drill to carry on the processing.

The cylinder head shape is generally six body, Engine Spare Parts is the porous thin-walled piece, it has the valve seat hole, the valve conduit hole, each kind of optical hole and the threaded hole, the camshaft hole and so on. Engine Spare Parts The engine head has a spark plug hole, and the diesel engine head has a injector hole.

According to the number of cylinder head on one engine, it can be divided into integral cylinder head and split cylinder head. Cover only one cylinder known as a single cylinder cap, covering more than two cylinders known as block cylinder cylinder (usually two cylinder one cover, Engine Spare Parts three cylinder one cover), covering all cylinders known as integral cylinder head (usually four cylinder one cover, six cylinder one cover)

In general, the plane of cylinder head is machined by the machine clamping gear milling cutter, Engine Spare Parts the hole system generally uses the radial drilling machine, Engine Spare Parts the assembly machine, the processing center and so on to carry on the drilling, Engine Spare Parts the expansion, the hinge way processing; the catheter and the seat are pressed by freezing or at room temperature, and the displacement-pressure control method is generally used to control the assembly process during the normal temperature press.