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Engine Spare Parts Avoid Misuse

Engine accessories face hot weather also appears to be unable to deal with, engineering machinery engine parts overheating problems should cause us to pay enough attention to avoid unnecessary impact.The following describes how to deal with engineering machinery engine parts overheating phenomenon.

Looking at the temperature is too high or the temperature indicator light constantly shining, to stop the inspection to see whether the normal water tank cooling water, water tanks, water pipes and joints at any leakage phenomenon.If the appearance of the inspection were not found abnormal, According to the provisions of the cooling water to make up and then continue to run.If you travel after a distance, still found the temperature is too high, parking inspection and found a lot of cooling water, which is mostly due to the cylinder block water trap or perforation and loss. Found this fault, should be repaired, not to be taken lightly.

When the engine temperature is too high, you can hand to touch the water pipe and underwater tube to determine the temperature of the fault.If the two water temperature is very large, can be sentenced to thermostat does not work in the way if the moment can not buy accessories , Can be removed thermostat emergency, to be back immediately after the replacement unit.

If there is air in the cooling system, air resistance will occur, so that the cooling water circulation is not good, resulting in the engine temperature is too high. Can be used to deflate the following: let the engine high-speed operation, the water tank cover gently unscrew to just gas release , At this time there will be part of the cooling water along with the gas out, so repeatedly, until you feel the gas so far (at this time by hand touch, the next pipe temperature will be significantly different.) After troubleshooting, should be added to the cooling water The

Four times the use of engineering machinery for a long time, there will be some dirt attached to the radiator, over time, will affect the cooling effect, resulting in water temperature is too high can be compressed air blowing radiator grille, and then rinse with water pipes.

The use of engine parts should pay attention to the maintenance process, to facilitate better accessories for the engine service, which, in the use of accessories need to be avoided:

1, the oil is not the more the better

If the oil is too much, the crankshaft and the connecting rod will cause a sharp stir during the operation, not only increase the internal power loss of the engine, but also because of the oil flow to the cylinder wall to increase, resulting in oil engine oil failure. The amount should be controlled in the oil dipstick between the upper and lower lines as well.

2, the bolt is not the more tight the better

There are many fasteners on the engine with bolts and nuts, which should ensure that they have sufficient preload, but they can not be tightened too tightly. If the screw is too tight, on the one hand will make the joint under the action of external force Resulting in permanent deformation; on the other hand will cause the bolt to produce permanent deformation, preload instead of falling, and even cause the phenomenon of slip or broken

3, the transmission belt is not the more tight the better

If the belt is tightly adjusted, it is easy to stretch and deform, and the pulleys and bearings are liable to cause bending and damage. The belt tension should generally be adjusted to the middle of the belt when the belt is pressed, and the belt The amount of sinking is preferably 3% to 5% of the center distance of the pulley at both ends.