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Cummins Engine Parts Supercharger Small Common Sense

Cummins engine supercharger supercharger is now the standard diesel engine, but also one of the core components of the engine. I believe that many people have had the experience of supercharger damage, then how to correctly use the supercharger, which in the use of what errors need to be avoided? In the use of the process should pay attention to what?

Supercharger in the normal use of the process does not require a separate maintenance, but the supercharger at work, long-term high temperature in the 600 ℃ and tens of thousands of more than the high-speed rotation, the use of some problems need attention.

1, when the cold car can not leave the car

After the vehicle is parked overnight, the oil will flow back to the oil pan because of gravity, after the start of the engine to idle for about a minute to let the oil cycle to establish, so that the supercharger floating bearings are fully lubricated and then start driving.

2, do not immediately after the high-speed operation flameout

Because the supercharger in the work of the high speed, stop at high speed after the stop immediately, the oil supply suddenly interrupted, when the supercharger is still high-speed rotation, floating bearing oil quickly get dry, so it will Floating bearing damage. The correct approach is to run at least one minute before idling to protect the turbocharger's floating bearing.

3, oil and filter can not be sloppy

Supercharged engine operating environment are relatively poor, so the oil requirements are relatively high, in the choice of oil when the best manufacturers in accordance with the required viscosity and level to use the replacement. Filter, not to mention, you must use the factory products, if the use of fake and shoddy filter, once the impurities into the supercharger bearing cavity, the turbocharger will cause damage to the floating bearing, serious when the rotor caused by deadlock The press is scrapped.

4, air filter is also important

Whether the normal air filter is also related to the supercharger, because the supercharger are generally floating bearing structure, the bearing cavity seal is mainly dependent on both sides of the air pressure difference, if the air filter is not replaced in time will cause the intake vacuum becomes larger , At this time on both sides of the air pressure difference can not be established will lead to supercharger string oil. In practice, many times the supercharger string oil is because of this problem, a lot of card fans replaced the string of supercharger may only air filter plug or fake air filter caused. There is a thing we are not willing to accept is that 90% of the supercharger damage is actually due to the use of the problems caused.

Supercharger in the car is a core component, the value is relatively high, bad once have to spend thousands of. But the supercharger in the correct use of maintenance under the premise that the same life and the vehicle, so you need to pay attention to the use of these problems.