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Cummins Engine Parts Prospects

With the increasing environmental pollution of the city and the increase of the urban population, the frequency of public transport is faster and the low emission and low noise have become one of the main indicators of people 's choice of public transport. As the diesel engine has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, modern diesel engine will become the best vehicle power configuration. In this context, Cummins Engine Parts Dongfeng Motor Corporation focused on the development of urban public transport to meet the requirements of environmentally friendly diesel engines. Cummins B-type diesel engine is the introduction of the United States Cummins company's technology, through digestion and absorption of independent production of products, are "national high-tech products directory" in the new energy-saving, environmentally friendly internal combustion engine in the emission and noise control in the domestic medium-sized diesel Leading level, the other indicators are more advanced. The product in 1997, Cummins Engine Parts the State Bureau of Technical Supervision on the eight kinds of truck diesel engine quality checks in the top spot. Dongfeng Cummins engine has a good development prospects.

Compared with the gasoline engine. Diesel thermal efficiency of up to 40%, while the gasoline combustion efficiency is generally only 30%; fuel consumption is generally lower than gasoline 30% to 40%.

In terms of power, the diesel engine in maintaining its low-speed output torque at the same time the advantages of speed has reached the level of gasoline engines.

In terms of emissions, CO emissions from modern diesel engines are 15% to 32% lower than gasoline engines and about 45% lower greenhouse gas emissions. In the past 20 years, diesel emissions have been reduced by about 85%. When the mileage of the petrol engine reaches 31,000 km, the emissions of NOx will be larger than that of the diesel engine. As the mileage increases, the emissions will increase further, and the diesel engine's emissions in the life range will be very stable The

In terms of noise, the current gasoline engine in this area is better than the diesel engine, but the problem through technical improvements can be resolved, Ford developed DTATA diesel engine noise has been able to meet the next stage of the European car driving noise limit of 70dB requirements.

At present, the proportion of the world's use of diesel engines: 40% for light vehicles; medium-sized cars 70%; heavy vehicles 100%. In the world more than 3.5t total mass of vehicles, more than 90% of the use of diesel engines. In Europe, the share of diesel sales in the total car market expanded from 14% 10 years ago to 27% now. In 2000, the market share of diesel and lorry trucks in the region increased from 33% in 1998 to 33%, and it is expected to increase further to 38% in 2005; more than 90% of its commercial vehicles are diesel vehicles The In Japan, diesel cars account for about 10% of the total; diesel commercial vehicles account for about 40%. The experience of the US PNGV program shows that diesel engines are the best option for a period of time, and that the US heavy-duty vehicles have already achieved 100% diesel.

China's diesel production since 1995, a substantial increase in the annual total output in the proportion of the car are rising. Can be asserted that in the process of diesel engine, diesel engine as a medium and heavy vehicle power configuration will remain its dominant position in the light vehicle power assembly will also be more widely used. Table 1 shows China's diesel production and market share in recent years.