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Cummins Engine Parts Leading

Widely used in heavy trucks, Cummins engine parts medium-sized cars, buses, recreational vehicles, light commercial vehicles, pickups and other road vehicles and construction machinery, Cummins engine parts mining equipment, agricultural machinery, ships, railways and other non-road equipment. Cummins engines are not only well-known for their reliability, durability and fuel economy, Cummins engine parts, but also in meeting the increasingly stringent automotive exhaust emissions, Cummins engine parts off-road mobile equipment emissions and ship emissions status

ISF is Cummins in the United States, Europe and East Asia R & D center of the joint research and development of the world's top design. Only listed for 6 years, the cumulative global users of more than 400,000, Cummins engine parts exports more than 200,000, is the world's new generation of light commercial diesel engine outstanding representatives. After high temperature, alpine, plateau and other harsh experiments to verify, Cummins engine parts of good quality and reliable. This engine is indeed a world-class power product. Cummins has hundreds of years of accumulated technology, all components using Cummins global supply system, more than 1.6 million km road durability test, the Cummins engine parts of the average overhaul mileage of more than 500000 km, 20,000 km maintenance cycle, similar to the product 4 times the above.

ISF has gradually become the world's leading commercial vehicle products preferred light diesel power brand, widely used in light trucks, light buses, trucks, suv, pickup and so on. Futian Cummins engine parts Mercedes - Benz and other well - known brands use ISF engine, the strength.

With the increase of urban environmental pollution and the increase of urban population, the frequency of public transport is getting faster and faster. Low emission and low noise become one of the main indicators of people's choice of public transportation. As the diesel engine has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, modern diesel engine will become the best car power configuration. In this context, Cummins engine components Dongfeng Motor Company focused on the development of urban public transport to meet the needs of environmentally friendly diesel engines. Cummins b-type diesel engine is the introduction of the United States Cummins technology, through the digestion and absorption of independent production of products, Cummins engine parts are "national high-tech product catalog" in the new energy-saving, environmentally friendly internal combustion engine emissions and noise control in the domestic leading level of medium-sized diesel, Cummins Other indicators of engine components are more advanced. Cummins engine part of the product in 1997, the national technical supervision of the eight kinds of truck diesel engine quality inspection topped the list. Dongfeng Cummins engine has a good development prospects.

At present, the proportion of diesel engines used in the world: light vehicles accounted for 40%; medium-sized cars 70%; 100% of heavy vehicles. More than 90% of the world's more than 3.5 tons of cars use diesel engines. In Europe, the share of diesel sales in the Cummins engine sector expanded from 14% 10 years ago to 27% today. In 2000, Cummins engine parts market share rose from 33% in 1998 to 33%, is expected to further increase to 38% in 2005; Cummins engine parts more than 90% of commercial vehicles are diesel vehicles in Japan, diesel Cars accounted for about 10% of the total; diesel commercial vehicles accounted for about 40%. The experience of the PNGV project shows that diesel engines are the best choice for some time, while heavy vehicles in the United States have reached 100% diesel.