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Cummins Engine Parts Excellence In Reliability

Thin and efficient machine structure: ISG engine modular design, Cummins Engine Parts the number of parts reduced by 50%, weight than the same level of engine weight loss of 30%. Modular integrated design significantly reduces engine failure frequency, achieving superior reliability, Cummins Engine Parts saving 50% maintenance time. Likewise, a lower noise is achieved.

GTL supernatural version of the five years to build, after more than 600 million limit test, the integration of Daimler, Cummins manufacturing management and control system, Cummins Engine Parts a chain of global advantages of resources, to achieve a "fuel economy, safe, reliable, comfortable Cost "five major breakthroughs.

Fuel economy breakthrough: from the engine design, power and vehicle optimization to match, Cummins Engine Parts as well as vehicle optimization to achieve a variety of reduced resistance to fuel.

Security Breakthrough: Includes both active and passive safety. Cummins original iBrake brake system, disc brakes, are greatly enhance traffic safety.

Reliable breakthrough: European standards research and development and verification, Cummins Engine Parts the global gold supply chain, the global digital model factory from the product design, production, inspection and other aspects of a comprehensive upgrade.

Comfort breakthrough: Auman GTL with large cab space, user-friendly design to help improve comfort.

Breakthrough in operating costs: Reduced maintenance of vehicle fuel economy to help users create more value.

The safety and reliability of the vehicle is a key factor in protecting the operational efficiency of the user. Auman GTL super energy version of the use of high-power engine compression braking technology, the maximum braking force of up to 370 horsepower, downhill speed of up to 70 km / h, Cummins Engine Parts the security can be greatly improved. Auman GTL Super Modular modular platform design brings high reliability products, minus 35 degrees Celsius and above do not need external auxiliary start, Cummins Engine Parts 7 seconds easy to start the vehicle, overhaul mileage of up to 1.5 million km. Auman GTL super version of the use of high-tech composite materials and low noise design, Cummins Engine Parts idle noise in the 60 minutes, known as China's most quiet heavy truck.

Whether it is power design, Cummins Engine Parts vehicle matching and manufacturing breakthroughs in technology, or service innovation value-added, Auman GTL super version of the heavy truck users are the most cost-effective truck with a new choice for users to create a higher value model, Cummins Engine Parts leading China Heavy truck to the world-class high-end heavy truck forward.