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Cummins Engine Parts Broad Coverage

With the increasingly serious pollution of the urban environment and the increase of the urban population, the frequency of upgrading public transportation is accelerating.  technology, production by digestion and absorption of independent products, Cummins Engine Parts the "National High-tech Products Catalog" in the new category of energy-saving, environmentally friendly internal combustion engine, emission and noise control in the domestic medium-sized diesel engine Leading level, the other indicators are more advanced. The product in 1997, the State Bureau of Technical Supervision on the quality of eight types of truck diesel spot checks in the top. Dongfeng Cummins Engine has good prospects for development.

The proportion of diesel engines used in the world is 40% for light vehicles, 70% for medium-sized cars and 100% for heavy-duty vehicles. In the world total mass of more than 3.5t vehicles, 90% of the above diesel engine. In Europe, the share of diesel sales in the total car market expanded from 14% a decade ago to 27% today. In 2000, the market share of diesel-powered sedans and light goods vehicles in the region increased from 28% in 1998 to 33% and is expected to further increase to 38% by 2005. More than 90% of its commercial vehicles are also diesel vehicles . In Japan, diesel cars account for about 10% of the total; diesel commercial vehicles account for about 40%. Cummins Engine Parts The experience of implementing the PNGV plan in the United States shows that diesel engines are the best option for some time to come and the U.S. heavy vehicles have already achieved 100% diesel oilization.

Dongfeng Cummins B Series diesel engines in 1995 through the ISO9002 standard national quality system certification; November 1999 QS9000 quality system certification. Cummins Engine Parts Durability goal is reached, 90% of the product is not overhaul 300,000 km, 50% of the product 500,000 km not overhaul. Dongfeng Cummins B Series engines cover a wide range of power, the maximum power of 143kW, to maximize the power.

Dongfeng Cummins B series of engines to meet the European I emission regulations and the European I emissions laws and regulations; in October 1999 the product passed the National Automobile Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

Dongfeng Cummins B series diesel engine can start below a 1290, Cummins Engine Parts if the installation of cold start aids, can start at a 40C °. Turbocharger device can make it reach the altitude of 3000m plateau running power does not reduce; its six-cylinder machine can tilt in any direction 35 °, four-cylinder machine can tilt 45 ° clear work.

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