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Piston rings Assembly and disassembly

Demolition piston ring, available two a by wire volume into of ring sets, will ring sets of end sets in thumb Shang, another end sets in ring mouth Shang, slowly forced, makes ring Zhang overhead is greater than piston of outside round, out piston ring, dang ring slot product carbon more, piston ring easily out Shi, can will its into metal cleaning agent solution in the, heating to 50 ℃ above, soaking 1 hours around, can will product carbon softening, out piston ring.

Installation piston ring Shi, should will plating chrome ring loaded in first road ring slot, second to third road gas ring within margin has cut slot of, should will cut slot up; rims has cut slot of should will cut slot down, ring rims Shang of pour angle should towards Shang, three road gas ring ring mouth should mutual staggered 120 °, and ring mouth no on with piston pin hole.